aominepples said: EEEEHH ITS OKAAAY AHAHAH and i bite my ice cream sometimes or a lot of times because its faster to eat it like that

Don’t your teeth hurrtttt when you bite your ice cream!! It’s like haahaahh—- it’s too cold for me.. hahhhh and my teeth hurts. Probably because i lick it, the ice cream always end out all over my hands.


mad father

Anonymous: Can you please translate this??? ” @ZimuinG: 毎回恒例の6秒動画!金曜ニコラジ始まりまーす!! (link of a vine)” Thanks..

I was thinking that it was a picture of a vine and got really confused… 

In the vine video, zimuinG briefly introduces his guests, Kashitaro and Amatsuki! Judging by the movement, the person in red jacket is Kashitaro!!

@ZimuinG: 毎回恒例の6秒動画!金曜ニコラジ始まりまーす!! (link of a vine)” 

ZimuinG: The usual 6 second video! Friday’s nico radio is starting!!


EHHH!!! But’s it’s like my saliva is all dorodoro over it!! Isn’t it weird. Like since i don’t bite ice cream(no idea how people do that) i lick the whole thing and it’s just weird www

サスケビーム by kuu
Translation: akiba-wota
Edit: naruutoes

(Source: narutoffee)

I’m not saliva conscious at all but i’m not gonna share my ice cream with you.

Anonymous: Hello! I'm the anon who asked about the cafe! Please don't worry about it anymore, I went to Japan already! Sorry for the trouble and thank you very much! ><;

I was too late…gomen..

Anyways, did you go to the cafe and meet the utaite? >w<)/ ww

For the anon from quite some time ago who asked me to look at the website of the crossdressing cafe in Japan, i know it has been a long time but i’ve still not received a reply. Regardless, i hope you enjoy your trip there!!

‏@soraruru まふまふ帰っていった 疲れた なんなんだあいつ

Soraru: Mafumafu went home, I’m tired, seriously what’s wrong with him

Anonymous: Hi, this is the person who asked how did you learn your Japanese. Umm, I really want to learn how to understand Japanese more (specifically the kanji)... Did you self thought yourself?? because you understand Japanese so well I thought I would ask on how did you got it so well.. if you don't mind, do you have any tips on learning kanji??

Hello again! Sorry for the late reply! again

I’m kind of a scammer in the case of learning kanji because i’ve been learning chinese since i was young and since most kanji come from chinese characters. I was able to understand the meaning of the kanji before i knew how it was pronounced.

But besides that. I think that to learn kanji, it’s always handy to have a dictionary near to you, like even now when i translate things i still check the dictionary for confirmation. I recommend! It’s really easy to use and check for kanji.

And, i think the next thing would be trying to type in Japanese on your keyboard and familiarise yourself with how certain hiragana will give you certain kanji. There’s no need to be too ambitious! Just try a few kanji that you like or those that are more commonly used.

Another one would be to read off utaite tweets (i started of like this!), what i did was to copy and paste it into Google Translate and i tried to read the romaji that’s provided, matching the characters to the romaji. Then i tried to phrase the sentence properly. It sounds really tedious but when you are desperate to understand what utaites try to say YOU WILL DO IT XDDD From their tweets you will also be able to see what kind of kanji they usually use.

And lastly, if there is anything you’re unsure, you can just ask me or Japanese translators on tumblr because i’m sure they will be glad to help!! ^^

Anonymous: How did you learn your Japanese?

Ah erm!! I will answer with the standard ‘because i watch anime’ ww That was how it caught my interest at first! And after that it was all just me trying to mimic what the characters same.

After quite a period of time, you will discover a pattern (albeit unknowingly) in the sentences and you start to be able to understand certain common terms. Then i tried fooling around with this Japanese keyboard (basically you type in the romaji and the hiragana/katakana comes out) and i tried to type out the words i remembered from what i hear.

Most words come out fine but some like
久しぶり - hisashiburi (It’s been a long time)
are more confusing because when i hear it, all i heard was ‘sashiburi’.

And then it’s just me trying to remember the hiragana/katakana chart, it looks hard at first but there’s also a pattern! That’s how i learnt Japanese nutshell!

An advice if you’re learning Japanese, try not to force it because if you don’t enjoy the process of learning it, it will become very dry and you won’t be able to properly enjoy it!! ^^

‏@soraruru マスタリングなう あと3曲だ

Soraru: Mastering now! Just 3 more songs

@soraruru atお2曲!

Soraru: 2 more to go!

@soraruru 最後だあと1曲

Soraru: The last song

@soraruru 完成したぞおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおうおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおやったあああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ名盤だあああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ

Soraru: It’s donneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyyy

@soraruru 絶対ひどい顔してるからみたくない

Soraru: My face is definitely looking awful now so i don’t want to see it

@soraruru 天才かよオレ

Soraru: Am i a genius or what

@soraruru さああああああああああああいくぞおおおおおおおおおおお外でたくNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Soraru: Coomeee onnn!!! Let’s go outt!!!

@soraruru 2日くらい休みたいな とおもってカレンダーをみたらぎっしりだぜ

Soraru: I’ve been wanting to rest for the past 2 days, but looking at the calendar, it was really a close shave

@soraruru うれしい(涙)

Soraru: I’m so happy (Tears)

@soraruru おうちをでました さむいです

Soraru: I left my house. It’s cold.

@soraruru 電車を間違えてUターンで満員電車なう…

Soraru: I took the wrong train and had to u-turn.. and now the train is packed..

@soraruru 人の波にのまれてまふまふ見失った

Soraru: In the sea of people, i lost sight of mafumafu

@soraruru お酒が美味しく飲める大人になりたい

Soraru: I want to become an adult who is able to drink sake deliciously.

@soraruru 25歳なのにジュースのほうがおいしい

Soraru: Even though i’m already 25 years old, why do i still find juice more tasty than sake

@soraruru お酒こわいなんでかな

Soraru: I wonder why sake is so scary…

@soraruru 心がまだ子どもだからだろうか

Soraru: I wonder if it’s because i’m still young at heart

@soraruru 心が子ども(25歳独身男性)

Soraru: Young at heart (A 25 year old single male)

Anonymous: Could you please translate this~ @uni_mafumafu: まふまふと寿司なう RT @soraruru: まふまふと寿司なう THANK YOUUU :*

Sure thing ~ 

Soraru: Having sushi with mafumafu nau!