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Sako Tomohisa - A Boy and A Robot (少年とロボット)


From his new single that releases on August 6th.

Music Video (YT - as Sako Tomohisa)・Acoustic Ver. (NND - as 少年T)

"While we used to be all alone,
We’re no longer so, not any more”

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@kashitaro_ito シルエットの違いが、よくわかりますね!!RT @kony_niconico: ぼくのシャツを着た伊東歌詞太郎 

Kony: Ito Kashitaro who is wearing my shirt

Ito Kashitaro: It’s really easy to see because of the difference in the silhouette!

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@kashitaro_ito: あ、いや、下着は必要だね!
@kashitaro_ito: Ah, no, wearing underwear is really important!

@soraruru: @kashitaro_ito 下着はむしろいらなくない?
@soraruru: Shouldn’t it be the opposite — that wearing underwear is not important?

@kashitaro_ito: @soraruru そ、そらるさん、表でその趣味は出してはいけませぬよ…!
@kashitaro_ito: So-soraru san, it’s not good to show your interest in these things out in the open…!!

@soraruru: @kashitaro_ito でもズボンと上着を着たら下着っているかな?
@soraruru: But i wonder if people still wear underwear despite having trousers and shirts on?

@kashitaro_ito: @soraruru これは、もはや哲学ですね…!僕個人の意見としては、はいてないと落ち着かないのでいる、です。そらるさんクラスにはまだ遠いんです…!

@kashitaro_ito: This… is already about philosophy..! In my opinion, not wearing them makes me feel really uncomfortable. Soraru is really of a different class…!

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Anonymous asked: it's translated as sonnetica....

Ahh?! What’s sonnetica anyway? i copied the katakana from the title but ah? sonnetica? ww the title doesn’t make senseee

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Anonymous asked: Can you sub the videos that you did the english translations for?

Ahh?! I’m a really amateur subber.. it’s probably gonna look really bad and like maybe it will be subbed like an anime or something www

And most probably the ones i will sub will be the milk crown on sonechika (tica?) and ranpanman because the rest are actually sold in albums so posting the video would be very rude?

it will probably take a long time too…oyasumi—

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Song Translation: ミルククラウン・オン・ソーネチカ Milk Crown on Sonnetica // ユジー yujii


"This is my tiny coronation ceremony."

◆Song and Lyrics: ユジー



Original song sung by Hatsune Miku. Soramafu has also covered it! No idea why it’s sonnetica? i read it as sonechika but anon told me that it’s sonnetica so i will go with it first~

Special thanks to Doru! Translation masterlist over here! Romaji, Kanji and English translation under read more!

Enjoy!! ^^

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Anonymous asked: Would you mind translating "Queen of Heart" by luz, it's a sequel song of "Cherry Hunt". If you have some times, please translate both. Thank you!!!

i will try!!

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@soraruru ここ3日くらいあんまり眠れていなかった分今日はゆっくり寝るつもりだったけど8時間経ったら自然に目が覚めちゃった 子どものころは20時間眠れたのに今は10時間すら眠る体力がない…

Soraru: I did not sleep much for the past 3 days so i thought i would enjoy the long sleep that i would finally get today but i woke up automatically after 8 hours… i used to be able to sleep for 20 hours when i was a child but now if i were to sleep more than 10 hours i will feel even more tired…

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Today my friend asked me what my favourite food was and i was like “Potato Chips!!” and she spent 5 minutes telling me how unhealthy chips were and other friends came to join in and started adding that i shouldn’t eat too much of it etc etc trans fat blah blah…

And im just ?!?! Of course i know about the negative health impacts of potato chips!!!! -rolls on the floor- i’m not an idiott——— i don’t eat chips everyday though i want to—-

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Song Translation: Hello, My Story//Amatsuki あまつきー天月


Song: Hello, My Story by Amatsuki from his single that “Hello, World!” which will be released on 7/16

Lyrics & Music & Arrange:イトヲカシ

EDIT: The official lyrics are out! I’ve edited some of the kanji that were wrong alongside with the translations, it’s a lot more coherent now! Please take a look at it! Kanji, romaji and english translation under read more! 

Enjoy! ^^

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(In order of time posted, bottom up.)

"Is mushroom a vegetable?"
-a few people tweeted “it’s a fungi!” to him-

"Well, is potato a vegetable?"
-a few people tweeted “it’s a tuber!”-

"… The hell is a vegetable?"

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Anonymous asked: Sometimes I wonder why they build moomin cafes in Japan in the first place! Because, we could really use the tourism here in Finland to be honest. But the idea of moomin cafe seems cute, as even when visiting the cafe alone, you won't stay there alone after all

Finland?! Woah!! That’s far www ahh but somehow i feel… moomin cafe… sitting with a soft toy might turn out to be a scary experience… i’ve been reading too many horror books recently gomen—-  It’s really amazing how they can actually come up with such ideas and i would really like to try it once www butbut since kashitaro and amatsuki went together, i bet that it’s just because they wanted to try it out www they are not lonely people

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Anonymous asked: Did Kashi go to a moomin cafe a while ago? (Because he tweeted a pic on 15th of July and I have no clue what it said asdkl) (Sorry for bothering you)

Yep! Kashitaro and Amatsuki went to Moomin cafe on 15th of July!!!

For those who do not know what moomin cafe is, it’s an anti-loneliness cafe where customers get to sit with a stuffed toy instead of “sitting alone” and the stuffed toys are called ‘moomin’ www Japan really has lots of weird ideas www

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Just finished reading tokyo ghoul’s manga because i couldn’t stand to wait anymore… The manga is… really dark as compared to the anime, the anime gives the feeling that perhaps happy things may happen while the manga is just idk dark? very very dark? do you guys know of any other manga like this?