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The seiyuu for haru and rin… hahhh that was really nice… my heart’s gonna diee ww

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But those struggles that people in sports anime go through… is something that you can go through only if you’re very good at it

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Haru’s argument with Rin hshs

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Anonymous asked: can you please translate this? Thank you!!!”昨日はるすくんが不思議ちゃんって話とたまにりぶが真顔になってキレるのが実はネタだったって話が衝撃的でした りぶに関しては普通に繊細なやつなんだと2年くらい思ってた”

@soraruru 昨日はるすくんが不思議ちゃんって話とたまにりぶが真顔になってキレるのが実はネタだったって話が衝撃的でした りぶに関しては普通に繊細なやつなんだと2年くらい思ってた

Soraru: Yesterday we were talking about how Luz-kun was *fushigi-chan and Rib’s face turned straight and he snapped but when we told him that it was a joke he was really shocked. ‘Rib is really delicate guy’ was what i thought for these 2 years.

*fushigi-chan is a term given to people who gives out the naive feel but are able to manipulate others in the same stance

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@soraruru 傘もキャリーバッグも嫌いだからカバン2個もって雨に濡れてる

Soraru: I dislike umbrellas and luggages so i’m getting wet in the rain whilst carrying 2 briefcases 

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Anonymous asked: Renna-san, can you translate this tweet please? " luzくんに「まふくんって美意識高いほう?(もうちょっと身なりに気ぃ使えやハゲ)」って言われた。" Thank you!!


"I was told by luz-kun, "Mafu-kun, do you have a high sense for aesthetics? (Be a little more conscious about dressing better, baldy)"

and theeen


"I was told by luz-kun, "The things you eat reflect in your face, you know? (You’re always eating weird things, so that’s why you have such a crappy face.)"

btw, Mafumafu, Soraru, Suzumu, luz, and Rib are all in Hokkaido right now, since yesterday. I don’t know if there’re there for an event (Mafu said he has a live today…?) or if there’re just all on vacation together..

EDIT: ohhh, looks like they have a performance at ZeppSapporo as part of the ETA Summer Tour today (8/23)

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Anonymous asked: うーわ ありがとうございました!一緒に頑張ろうね!まふくんが大好きでっすよろしくお願いします!!パンチングマシンについてのツイートもめっちゃまふくんらしくてかわいいですねwwwわろた

まふ’かわいい’ より ’かわい’ でしょうw そらるいじわるいなー

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Mafumafu: I went to Hokkaido just to eat ikura and sea urchin. Saying that I’ve lived till today just for this wouldn’t be an exaggeration. No one will be able to stop the me right now.

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@soraruru パンチングマシーンそらる 

Soraru: Punching machine Soraru  top image: 201kaf

@soraruru 何いってんだこいつ RT @uni_mafumafu: パンチングマシーンがかわいそうだと思ったんです  RT @soraruru: パンチングマシーンまふまふ 

Soraru: Punching machine Mafumafu bottom image: 112kaf

Mafumafu: I pity the punching machine…

Soraru: What the hell is this guy talking about

@uni_mafumafu  パンチングマシーンがかわいそうで強く叩けませんでした  ほんとうですよ???

Mafumafu: I couldn’t use all my strength to hit the punching machine because it looked really pitiful…  it’s true???

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Anonymous asked: シュウさん、すみませんが私はまだまだ日本語を勉強していますので、このまふくんのツイートはちょっと分かりにくいですw -->『通りすがりに突然ボコボコにされても(あ!この人の筋肉は素晴らしく引き締まってるな!)とか思えるくらい、人の素敵なところに気づける人間でありたいと思ったけど例からあふれ出す根暗マイナス思考オーラやばい』 よかったら意味を教えてください!

えええー いや うまいっと思うよ! うちもまだ勉強してますから一緒に頑張りましょう〜 ハイハイそれじゃー

 通りすがりに突然ボコボコにされても (あ!この人の筋肉は素晴らしく引き締まってるな!) とか思えるくらい、人の素敵なところに気づける人間でありたい と思ったけど例からあふれ出す根暗マイナス思考オーラやばい
Mafumafu: Even if someone knocked into me, i would be thinking, (Ah! This person has fantastically shaped muscles!), ‘I’m a person who notices people’s good points’ is what i think of myself but that’s just something that was thought by a introvert* who has a minus** aura. how dangerous.
*根暗 nekura has many meanings and is usually used to describe a person who is dark inside(gloomy, no confidence etcetc) 
**And minus aura = negative atmosphere surrounding him
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Anonymous asked: No no no mafu said whhh please translate this one "@uni_mafumafu: 自分のことはやっぱり大嫌いだけど すごい人を見たときに素直に「素敵だな」って思える性格でよかったなって思う" thankyou so muchhh!!!

Mafumafu: as i thought, i really dislike myself but i’m really glad that there is still a part of me that honestly thinks things like “he’s really cool” when i see an amazing person 

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poisonchikin asked: *cicada pretending to be dead*

*cues gorilla screaming* and runs off

P.S. i’m having a sore throat

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Anonymous asked: Hai!! Can u translate what mafu was saying -> "@uni_mafumafu: いま外出たらセミがものすごい勢いで突っ込んで来て 声もあげられずに走って逃げた"it seems kinda serious?thankyouu!!

www it’s not serious at all wwww

Mafumafu: I just went out and a cicada knocked into me with so much vigour that i ran before i could even scream

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When i first saw that tweet, i read it as the cicada saying “please stop it~~” and running away.. so i was just dafuq is going on with the world. when did cicadas talk wwwwwwww

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Anonymous asked: Can you please translate Soraru and Kradness's little interaction on twitter? >\< twitter(.)com/kradness55/status/501735646000472066

@soraruru 死んだふりしてるセミが暴れ出して通路をやめてくれ〜って言いながら頭抱えて走り抜けました 怖かったです(25歳独身男性)

Soraru: The cicada that looked like it was dead suddenly acted violently on the aisle. Saying “please stop it~~” I held my head and ran away. It was scary  (25 year old single man)

@kradness55:@soraruru 災難でしたね…orz

Kradness: It was a disaster, wasn’t it… orz

@soraruru:@kradness55 煽ってんのか?

Soraru: Are you trying to agitate me

@kradness55:@soraruru そんなそんな…僕もさっき玄関でセミと格闘してたので(´Д` )

Kradness: It’s—it’s not like that… It’s because i just had a scuffle with a cicada at the entrance too…

@soraruru:@kradness55 あいつらなんでそんな近くで倒れてるんだろうな

Soraru: Why are they collapsing so near to us…